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Lesson for Lute and Oud

- Efficient learning with "exercise-prescription" -

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Focuses of the lesson:

- Efficient learning -

I play so many instruments in the concerts and recordings. Lute and oud are even considered to be especially difficult to master it. A day has only 24 hours and so it's practically impossible to practice each instrument 8 hours a day. Therefor the efficient method of the exercise indispensable. I'd like to share this know-how with you. When you don't have much time to practice, I'll give you an "exercise-prescription" and you can reach your aim taking as little time as possible.

- Healthy playing posture -
"Ergonomics" is often ignored by many players. But it's indeed possible to enjoy the instruments without complaints.

- Stroke techniques -

Of course, a good instrument sounds better than the mediocre instruments. But the good instrument can sound only "halfway" good without the appropriate stroke technique.

Even if you own a mediocre instrument, you can let it sound so good, that it would be an extraordinary good instrument.

And with the better stroke techniques you can express musically much more.

- Artistic handling of the instrument and music -

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Information about the lessons:

You can also take the lessons via Skype, IMO and WhatsApp!

Lessons of the following instruments:

Baroque lute, Renaissance lute, gallichon
Arabic oud, Turkish oud

private lesson: 29 Euro/lesson
online lesson: 19 Euro/lesson

groupe lesson: 39 Euro/lesson
online groupe lesson: 24 Euro/lesson

- The first lesson is a free trial lesson.
- One lesson takes 45 minutes.
- Please read the general terms and conditions.

Place of the lesson: Studio Sogabe
Goebenstr. 20, Saarbrücken, Germany
online lesson via Skype

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